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Gatcombe Horse Trials

We were in Bath at the weekend staying with friends and 3 of us girlies went to Gatcombe for the day on Saturday. I nearly didnt go as I expected it to be packed with crowds like Badminton but I'm glad I did as it was fab - no Q's to get in or for the (ample) portaloos. Plenty of caterers dotted about and a fabulous natural ampethetre to view the Xcountry. You could get right up to the jumps with no jostling or crowding. Shame I didnt have my camera as we were actually standing next to Princess Anne in the trade stands! I would go again and recommend it to anyone as a lovely relaxed (and not expensive) horsey treat. Sort of how Badminton was 25 years ago. Love Lizzie

Gatcombe is far better than Badders (    collars up)

More compact- you get more up close and personnal- plus the house is a real beauty

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