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Garn Fadryn ?

We've walked up Garn Boduan on numerous occasions but I'd never walked up its neighbouring bigger cousin Garn Fadryn before.

Lousy weather yesterday, so I'm afraid that our walk up Snowdon didn't materialise but hopefully sometime later in the year, we'll have better luck ?
Instead, we walked up a local mini mountain, namely Garn Fadryn. At 371 metres above sea level this prehistoric settlement site still had plenty of steep bits to test both the walkers lungs and legs. The track up there was a bit hairy at times and coming down it was even more fraught.
It rained continually for the full time we were on the mountain and visibility was less than fifty metres, we didn't even get to see the fabulous all round views of the Lleyn Peninsular that we were assured was there to be had from the summit.
My camera never left my pocket but the walk was still an exhilarating one and to give you some idea of what we should have seen, I thought folks might like to take a look at this website.

Climbing Carn Fadryn
If you are looking for a walk of about 90 minutes, with the maximum benefit to effort ratio, then look no further than Carn Fadryn, the "mou...

Sounds interesting one to mind if ever nearby.

We have one up here like that; Ben A'an. It's a beautifully wee hill, positioned exactly to get the most wonderful views across the Trossachs….if it's not sodden wet and totally clouded   (sounds familiar ? )

It's one of the first hills many of us take our children up, and often the first one they manage to get up entirely on their own two feet.


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