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Gareth's pallet bar!

It really does all he claims!
This is one of our senior members trying it!

Thank you for that glowing recommendation Stanley

Some how Parcelforce managed to deliver two Pallet Bars to Stanley, the 2nd one was supposed to have been delivered to an address in Bath, and I've no idea how they managed to get two bars to Grantham, and none to Bath.

However, all is not lost; Parcelforce have paid out on my claim, and Stanley has presented the 2nd bar to the Committee of the Allotments that he belongs to. They have decided to write a short article about using a Cargo Cycles Pallet Stripping Bar  and have forwarded it for submission in the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardener's magazine with the pictures.

Congrats!!!! Alls well that ends well!


Somehow i dont think its quit safe  

I just love Gareth's Breaker bar (or rather my son does)


Maybe just one more

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