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Gareth goes Gliding (for the first time).

Yesterday I managed to book and take my first glider flight (after being cancelled due to prevailing weather conditions on three previous occasions).

Click on the link below to see the cable tow take off of my first flight. At 1 minutes 10 seconds in you will see another glider pass in front of me about 400 metres away and at an altitude of around 1200 feet..... I had to follow this glider into the thermal to gain more uplift. I managed to pilot the glider so that one wing went into the thermal, but on my instructors bidding I turned starboard (clockwise) into this thermal when I should have turned to port (anti-clockwise) and alas I lost about 300 of feet of height dropping from about 1200 feet to 900 feet instead of gaining any. This meant that I only had enough height left to turn into the wind and align myself with the runway for the landing approach.

My flight lasted for only 7 minutes, but I was the pilot for over 5 of those minutes, and alas the instructor insisted that I was hands off the stick for the final approach and landing........ gliding is something that I will continue with if funds allow.

Looks good but i prefer my feet on solid ground

looked great fun, it is one thing I have always wanted to do but have tried to go twice and both times weather has gone bad. The local club that flys over us uses tugs to get up but one I went to was winch like you much cheaper.  

As a none club member, the cost of an aero tow (small plane) is £35.00 per launch, and a cable winch launch is £15.00.

As a club member the aero tow is £25.00 per launch and the cable winch launch is £8.00.

Norfolk Gliding club membership is £500.00 per person per annum, but as a novice that would also include all of the lessons I would need (however many within 12 months) to get to the point of becoming a qualified glider pilot (normally 15-20 hours), membership would also include any glider use after becoming qualified until my 12 months end, but I would have to pay for each launch.

very brave of you.  Its not for me.

John did some gliding when he was single (and worked at the airport), and he does hanker to do it again, but thank God - he's far too busy...

Great stuff, Gareth   It's something I've always wanted to do but have never pursued it.

What a day out, something I'm going to try and  achieve in the not too distant future.
Nearest I've got so far is an air balloon flight, some 4-5 years back now, that was brilliant....
Still I can look forward to floating on the thermals, well using them.

So pleased you enjoyed it....

Well had a very short balloon lift up when one came down on here so they gave us a lift up and down, would love to go for a real flight in one  
brummie nick

The family treated me to a glider trip for my 60th birthday, we had a plane tow, and I can remember how quiet it was when the tow dropped away. Canít remember how long the trip lasted, but it was very enjoyable.  

Blimey Gareth!  Good on you mate, you're a lot braver than I am.

Both Lois & I had a go at gliding, her flight last over 15 minutes but she wasn't confident enough to take control this time........... but she has insisted that we both take another £15.00 per head gliding experience flight before committing to full club membership.

Both of our glider flights were amazing experiences, and it is surprising how quiet, serene and relaxing it all is; even when I had the controls and was flying the glider is was an easy going calming sensation without any hint of panic or urgency.

It was almost surreal to be flying about 800ft to 1000ft above fields of livestock and to actually hear the lambs bleating and calves mooing and to hear a swan honking as it took off from small lake we flew over.

Gliding is an experience that I will whole heartedly recommend......... if you don't try it, then you'll never know if you'll like it or not.

Man you do it. If you have the money, get in there. It's a great occupation.

I used to love tow launches, so much more exhilarating than an aero tow, I was lucky enough to do both in my time with the Air Cadets when I was younger at RAF Manston.

Have you looked into motor gliders to extend your flight times? Whenever you lose too much height or cant find a thermal then just pop the engine on and back up you go :-)

Roadkill we see a lot of flying things over head here as nextdoor almost to a small airport and the first one of those caught me out as heard engine but could only see glider they are a great idea

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