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Gardening and foody Questions

What herb makes mustard Yellow?

Add your own questions, add whatever  ,   mostly nothing  is growing at the  moment..lets just keep this thread going. Questions and answers, observations, just pass on your knowledge.
Yorkshire Geordie

Here is your answer, Digindeep:-
Turmeric, apparently, weirdly it's nowt to do with the mustard seed colour.  

What makes a Christmas Cactus flower at times other than the traditional Christmas season? My friends flowered last spring! Mine has been flowering since October and it's currently in bloom with the last set of buds. (Both of our plants are separate sections off of my Gran's original plant that she obtained in 1967! )

***Sorry Digindeep, I misunderstood your direction ..... deepest apologies...

I'll have to watch from a distance.... Don't do much in the way of herbs, so far anyway. :/

Cheers YG..just thought 'I would try to add something to the gardening  forum as it s so lax at the moment.
Yes   I did know turmeric was the answer, but hoped others would add silly or other such questions.

Its the spice of life;;;;;   I try

So  herbs and spices...we all use way or another...its a topic.
What can we grow?
What herbs do you grow?
What spices can you grow?

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