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Later on the morning, Karen and I are off to see a five acre private garden that's  open to the public for the weekend for charity.
I'll be taking my camera of course but I've been told by the boss that I can't take my scissors with me. What's a few cuttings between friends ?  

I got the photos.   We spent a pleasant hour or so looking around this place and they even had an owl nest box.

As of today, several extra items have gone on to my wish list. Over the years, the owners have raised well over 250,000 for charity by opening up to their garden to the public

It looks lovely and impressive amount of money raised. I quite fancy putting up an owl box at the platt, there are always tawny owls around.

Today I had to dig out the centre of my butterfly/bird flower border.It was really strange a three foot or so strip right down the centre suddenly died off, (almost as though someone had put weed killer on it) plants either side absolutely fine. No idea whats wrong with it.


Tidy spot

Lovely place, I'd liks to build an owl box but I don't have a tree big enough to place it in.  
tai haku

Nice garden! Beautiful lake, I could see me sat there of a morning with a waggler sliding under the surface mist and a nice crucian carp coming to the net.

Those thinking of owl boxes, do it! I can only speak to my parent's experience but they've found it so rewarding. I think they're up to 20 plus chicks fledged now....


Love the garden.

Love the owls tai haku we only have one small native owl here and rare

Fantastic owl pics!

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