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Garden shear sharpening

There are lots of ways to put a quick edge on a pair of shears, but eventually they need to be Hollow ground proffesionaly to get them to as new condition.
I have been after an  "Olympic Shear grinder" for a number of years. They are made by a compny called Hunter Grinders and cost about 4000. Needless to say, I haven't bought one because of the cost!
Trawling through Ebay the other week, I came across the one shown below. It was up in Liverpool and was being sold because the company that owned it was closing down and needed to vacate the building they were in be the end of October. It was really filthy dirty, and had a three phase motor. In the photo attatched, it looks in better condition than it actually was.
It's halfway through it's restoration at the moment, so I will post further pictures soon.
I paid the princely sum of 30.00p for it. Restoration will be about 400 including purchase price.
brummie nick

Any Idea how much a regrind to a pair of shears would cost.?


At present we send them away to a company. They charge about 15-ish Trade + Mr Chancellor's bit on the top.
Wouldn't want to under-cut them

Sounds like a winner there gwiz.

Total cost about 400 notes.............. 23-25 pairs and it will a very cheap machine.

Always good to find a bargin.


Certainly sound a bargain...

Best of luck Gwiz...hope the order pour in....  

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