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Garden project No 1

One area of garden in need of a tidy up, it's behind the house and we look out onto it from the bedroom window, so was getting a bit of an eyesore when I opened the curtains each morning! It took a week to do on and off and Joe finished the steps for me at the weekend:




What a difference that makes

Thanks Kaz, that's just one bit, heck ya wanna see the rest! sigh!

looks brill ...  

beside timber.....what are the steps made up of...bark/shingle/pea stones?

looks great...lotta work gone into that project......

Gotta couple of hrs to spare..?.cos' I got th i s    l i tt  l e    a r e a....  :xwave:  :xwave:

Thanks Digindeep, the bed was there when we moved in but I changed some of the planting, The steps are just timber frames, there is a base of soil and then we put some weedmatting and then shoved some pea shingle on that.
It's a big old garden and we have a lot to do, but we are renovating the house at the moment so the garden is low on the list of priorities, so I try and do what I can, I'm not too good with the real  manual stuff cos my back can't take it! :xconfused:

Did you want to see our veggie garden??
green man

It is so nice to see the sunshine NZP   :xcool:

Aye it is!  Sun's out this morning but it's a bit nippy!

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