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Garden Mums

I'm terribly guilty of just seeing something pretty and buying it/planting it and not knowing anything about it......hence, I have this Garden Mum question/questions.....

I got three to put in my horse tank bed and they did AMAZING! Right up until we got our first frost and the third one wasn't even completely blooming...    Anyway....first question....are they perennial? Now that the season is over, they are totally browned up...I hate to pull them and toss them if they'd come back! Second....if they are perennial....should I trim them back?

They did so very well for me and were so loaded with blooms, it was very disheartening to have them bloom for such a short period....but....they were something!

garden mums

just google garden mums and all the info you require will be there. For other advice just google national chrysanthemum society and you will find a relevant chapter on garden mums

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