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game course

has anyone done a game hygiene course there's one  soon and im interested in doing it. do you find it useful if you have done it?

Never done one .......... do you have a web link ?

no link as on phone but its on ngo site

Here's a link

I have done something very similar over here, mine was cheaper then NGO's course, but I would say its well worth the money, if you are going to sell game.

im getting  offered alot of game off shoots so atm im putting it in freezer but as my stocks are filling up fast i need another source and would like it all legal  so it looks to be the best option

well i went to do the course today all done and dusted and got a poxy 90% on the test even though the question i got wrong had a double answer. so now i just got to wait for 2 weeks and get my credit card type "trained hunters" id card  then can process and sell large and small game  with all the tags needed. now does anyone know a reasonable place to buy sticky labels to print tags onto? i got the design  from the manual but just need to scan and print onto labels.

Staples, normally their own brand is buy one get one free and they are perfectly adequate.

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