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Game & Poultry


Venison Stew - pictorial

Rabbit Hotpot

Irish Gamekeepers Pie

Seasonal Pheasant

Pheasant and Pineapple

Game Pie

Rabbit Pate

Rabbit in Blue Cheese & Mustard Sauce

Woodpigeon Stew

Pigeon Pie

Venison Foreleg Pot Roast

Pigeon Breasts

Rabbit Cooked in Cider

Pheasant in Cream & Brandy Sauce

Canada Goose recipes

Jerked Squirrel Legs

Pheasant Casserole with Chestnuts

Celeriac with Venison


Spicy Pigeon Salad

Lapin au Vin

Belgian Venison in Beer

Rabbit Recipes

Duck Stew with Dumplings

Bayou Bunny

Wild Duck Recipes

Mayan Rabbit (with chocolate)

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