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Frying pan Conversion.

Saucepan conversion to a skillet.

I've been fancying getting a skillet to go an outdoor fire with my tripod for sometime now but at a price in excess of thirty quid, I've been frightened off.

Today, we 've taken the handle off an old Frying pan and made our own. We made the handle out of mild steel, drilled holes in the pan and then pop riveted on. How simples that? I've just used my new skillet to poach some eggs and enjoyed them on toast.


loks good love the set up you have there

Pop around for a cup of tea anytime you're passing mate.

Actually, I'm still looking for a decent campfire kettle but in the mean time, my new skillet/frying pan goes nicely with the Dutch oven that I had bought for me the other Christmas.

Tom made the tripod for us out of steel reinforcing rods, which again was a real saving on the one's advertised and here's a factory made skillet that we based our design on.

I've just had a skim through these images and I might have a few more jobs for Tom and his welder the next time he comes to visit.


Superb , i might just copy that idea  

It was dead easy.

Our son and grandson(3year old) were up to-day as Mum over hill visiting her Mum. Anyway I showed him this set up you have  and we think it is a must on our list for this summer  

He'll love it Sod and gramps will get some enjoyment out of it too,
Now if I could only convince Karen that I need a Shepherds hut to finish the set.  

I thought that was a given    a shepherds hut parked there.

Maybe I better start the 'work' on getting shepherds hut now
I can see us sitting around that having a great time

I have to own up that I've cheated a bit this time and sent off for one of these.

We'll get lots of use out of it. We love a good fire.

Looks very handy

 must be showing our age, we have two, one is round and other makes 3 square ones but no centre cut. we use them in coal/wood burner that we have instead of gas or electric cooker/water heater.

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