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Frugal Holidays, camping and campsites

Long story short, I wont be working for at least a month because of a work related condition.
Kids have got half term and I'd like to take them camping as a frugal holiday.
Usually we use a wood managed by a game keeper friend. However, I'd like to go some where different. Any suggestions, ideas please?


This place iis in the Derbyshire peak district, very quiet and faily basicc facilities, but it's in a beatiful spot and I love going to stay there.  There's plenty to do and see if you like the great outdoors.  

There's a steam runs throgh the site which you can fish for small trout a couple of quid.  IIR it's 4 for adults and kids under 5 are free.

Highly reccomend it.

Stayed at that one a couple of times, its brilliant Jonty, with a cracking pub just across the road.
Otherwise Phil, there's our place.


Scotland have passed a law allowing "wild"camping,follow the code and you can camp in any "wild"area,we have done it many times,inveroran is a favorite.WARNING!!!!scottish midges are voracious....

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