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No not the film but the soil on the allotment.

It's a good thing that the digging over is done, the liming is done, the new strawberry bed is planted up, a lot of the hedge work is done, a visit to the tip with a larger trailer has been done and that the burning has been done.

Yes there are things that need doing like a good raking up where the chainsaw has been at work on the hedges and the leaves need clearing up. But it's sharp fine going to have to wait.

We froze adding household stuff to the compost heap - a fifteen minute job - today. So till the weather warms up, it's just going to be walking past to see that no damage has occurred and the odd addition from home to the compost heap.

Looks like we might be due a proper winter this year.

Hate cold winters
Rick & Carol

a cold winter will be a nice change from the wet ones of the last couple of years. forecast is for -4 here tonight.

I'd like to be able to get on with a few jobs but the frost reminds me that it won't be a good winter for slugs at this rate.

That will make up for not getting outside.

No freezing here yet Christine.

Oh bodger you want to see the garden and road this morning! We have yours obviously!

Even the grass is very crunchy!

IT was-6 here at 7.30 when I went out to do the morning rounds but it is beautiful and sunny now though cold still

Yes it certainly has been a lovely sunny wind free day. But the frost hasn't lifted properly around here.

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