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From the darkroom

Thought I would drop in again! I have been busy in the darkroom with two new(to me) diffuser enlargers.
A couple of broken boats on Lough Arrow

A fern at Lough Key park. (If anyone is interested, HP5+ pushed to 800)

A couple of waterfalls on the Ballaghnatrillick River. The River was used to power the Iron Ore crusher which was locally mined.

An overgrown garden through a cottage window on the Rockingham Estate Hunting lodge grounds.

My power supply on a dark night



Wow, those are *Amazing*!! (being quite partial to water falls, those two are my favourites ...)  well done.

Wow !!!  my reaction too. Totally brilliant So talented

Fantastic.  I love the black & white, more dramatic  

Fantastic images Diz

No.1 the boat gets my vote ........well done mate.

Post up some more.
Grandma Bodger

what a treat you have given us I,m greedy I hope for more,thank you
Yorkshire Geordie

Very good, Diz.
Top of the class and give the pencils out tomorrow.
I really miss my old Praktica with prime 50mm lens and monochrome.
I never managed shots like those though!

 keep them coming

Great images  

    thank you

Thank you for the kind words. I seem to be using Black and White more and more. Though I do have a box of slide film ready for some Autumn colour. Just hope the leaves turn before the storms blow them off the trees like last year.



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