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From Comb To Jar

A jar of epic honey brought to you courtesy of our colony of bees, with small supporting roles, (pouring & canning) performed by me and my OH.

We scraped and then put through the seive to get rid of the wax etc. As it was a small amount didn't take that long aided by the fact that I had been cooking and the kitchen was nice and warm.

We got just under 2 jars of honey in total. After chatting with our mentor we decided that we could only take an outside frame from each hive. So this year we will only get a small taste. To be fair though keeping bees for us is not about the honey, it is about the bees and the pollination that they provide. The honey is by product if we are lucky.  

I had run out of bread, so at 11pm last night my OH took a run down to the dreaded Tesco to buy a bloomer so that we could scrape the bowl!

The honey tasted pretty good. We are quite chuffed!


There's nothing like the taste of your first crop of honey  

  that looks so nice

Im not taking any off this summer, and indeed, after treating them this week, will be feeding them heavily.

But cant complain - they are doing what they are supposed to do - pollinate, and make me a little wax for Kieran's woodturning.

You must be thrilled!  

Fantastic. ( and do you keep looking at the jars with a silly smile across your face - or is that just me )

Cor! bit of an extreme way of extracting the honey. It's more normal to use a hot knife to just take the caps off the cells and then drain out the honey or use a centrifugal extractor (borrowed from your local association) to remove the honey from the cells.

Anyway at least you've now got loads of wax to make into polish and lip balm.  

Hurry and put the frame back into the hive so the bees can clean up the frame and re-make the cells for over winter storage.

That's great - I love pictorials.
Our nearest 24 hour Tesco is 35 miles away - it would have been quicker to do some in the bread maker

As a would be beekeeper I look on in awe.    
I can't wait untill next year when we start our hives  

I love all things to do with bees, hives, wax and honey! Great pictures!  Would love to see what you make with the wax!  

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