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Were not exactly in the countryside, in fact the main A5 runs too close to our property.
I've been in and out the garden since early light, noticed movement in amongst the over grown greenery still to be tamed. Thinking it was rain drops dripping from trees and shrubs didn't take much notice.
I have now.... noticed ....dozens of tiny, less than half thumb size frogs skipping leaping through the low greenery.
The only thing I can think of is an old plastic bucket and lid buried in that area. It was a part of an old water feature left behind by the previous owner.
So what to do I as planned remove said bucket and re- bury it somewhere near by?
To my understanding frogs will return the following season, for mating purposes,to their place of birth.
I'd hate to loose them, too useful with so many slugs about.

We have a lot of tiny frogs and the other day my daughters Jack Russel was bewildered by one hopping about on lawn ,you are right about them returning to where they born for mating .

I would say to just do whatever you think is best....given that is exactly what I did at my last place...never seemed to bother 'em...they not only stayed, they set up shop daughter even has some photos of a few 'sunning' themselves on open sunflower petals, and even taking a dip in our animal water troughs!
Grandma Bodger

I havent seen frog here for ages Jake and DIL have made me a new pond so I,m hoping next year I might have a bit of luck  

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