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Friends Reunited ?

Friends Reunited.

I bumped into an old friend over Christmas.

I've mentioned this before but 25 years ago I paid my money and drove form North Wales to Titensor in Staffordshire to attend a one day course on Mole Control run by the then Ministry of Agriculture.

As well as showing you how to use Strychnine and traps to control moles, the Min also supplied participants with a simple diagram and measurements for making a mole pole.
Once I was back home, I took the diagram to my local blacksmith and he made me one up , It was made from mild steel and had an enlarged 'bullet' welded on the business end.
We went on to have a long and happy relationship together. Not me and the blacksmith I hasten to add   but  me and the pole, we spent many hundreds of happy hours in the fields together.

However  five or six years ago disaster struck, when  I somehow lost my beloved friend somewhere around our small farm.

Life with another pole just hasn't been the same since but miraculously over Christmas I found it. The pole had worked itself well under the turf but after digging it up, it looks none the worse for the experience. I'll soon have it cleaned up with a bit of spit and polish and I can hardly wait to get using it again.

Here it is pre-clean.


looks a use full tool. better than
the ones some people dance round

That's a May pole.      

sod the may pole.....


Could be May and a Pol  

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