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Freezing veg

We can't keep up with the green peppers growing in the polytunnel so I have loads to you have to blanch them first or should I just cut them up and lay them on trays in the freezer before bagging them?

Pick them, slice them, cold smoke them (skin side up), dice them, bag them, freeze them........... it works for us with no blanching involved

In the end I never blanched any veg.  Just loose froze it and bagged it.  

You can slice the peppers first which make them more space efficient

Have a look at the following link Kaz.

It has lots of info for freezing veg.

Thanks for the advice and the links.
I will just slice them and loose freeze them

Kaz that is what we do too  

Same here - I gave up blanching years ago. If in a real hurry I even just slice, divide into portions and freeze in small sandwich bags - I'm doing that with blackberries at the moment as I never have time to pick a huge amount at one time, but small bagfuls soon add up!

You've just reminded me to go and get them out of the freezer and bag them up

Do the same here  

Can I ask what yoiu intend to do with the frozen blackberries?  Ive never frozen them before - only used them to make jam.

Can't answer for Seabird, but we freeze them also in food bags or small sealable plastic punnets and use them in crumbles ect for as long as they last.

Also I've added them to hams in the past, wrapped in foil, chucked a bag full in and roasted the ham as usual....same with raspberries. A great addition and very tasty.
Rare one

I freeze  them as well and use them as I would if they were fresh, jelly, ice cream, pies, crumble etc.

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