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Freezer Problem.

The rubber seal has come completely off the lid to our chest freezer. This weekend, we're going to attempt to stick it back on. So that's going to be sticking rubber on to plastic. What sort of glue, other than sticky, should we get for the job?

No idea  
but I will be very interested to hear what others recommend  

Super glue seems th e one
Dave C

Gorilla glue is good

Can get it from screwfix

The seal on many freezers is sandwiched between the lid and the internal top. If so the internal will need to be removed first.
Yorkshire Geordie

For years I have used a glue made by 151 Adhesives and it's been good for sticking all my motorbike and car stuff and anything else around the home.
I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a tube for for sticking freezer seals.
EBay have it for sale here at 1.99 a tube:-


I've always had good results from Evo-stick contact adhesive, Just make sure you're over 18 to buy it.

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