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Freerange chickens and rare breed pork available

I don't usually sell my meat on here but we have pork and chickens available tobe delivered by courier for arrival on 10th August.

See the post in the around the table section under Simon and Debbie's pork chops and GerryinDevons opinion on our chickens in one of the other sections

Courier fee 12 for following day delivery

Just received 2 boxes of BEAUTIFUL looking pork from Debbie.  Very well cut and presented, and nicely labelled.  It is all in its new home (my freezer) apart from the head which is simmering nicely, and I am looking forward to an evening meal of some of the very delicious looking venison she sent me (along with some other treats)

Thank you  SOOOOO much Debbie - can highly recommend if anyone else fancies some lovely Berkshire pork.  

So glad it all arrived safely.  They have never let me down in 7 years but I always worry when sending things by courier!  Hope you enjoy the venison - I am sure you will love the pork of course - but then venison is to be eaten with relish and with the thought of all of my grass and trees the stag has been eating!

Ummmmm Debbie......Just finished a lovely meal.  

I rarely get the chance to cook Venison, especially such a prime cut as you so kindly sent me

I cooked about 2/3rd of it as a Chateaubriand and had it with some saute Ratte potatoes and made a red wine reduction with the juices and some redcurrant jelly and cream.  Absolutely delicious  

Many, many thanks.  I think its bacon, eggs, kidneys, tomatoes and toast for brunch tomorrow  

so glad you enjoyed it....can;t wait for you to try the pork.  Hope the bacon is OK - only a small piece I am afraid.  after giving it a good rinse pop it in the freezer for an hour to firm up before slicng - makes it easier.

Ummmmm......Debbie....... Just had the first two of your pork chops tonight, and I must say they were delicious.  I have been keeping weaners of various breeds since the 80's and though I may have had some which tasted as good, I can't remember any which tasted better  

I slow cooked them , but in the top oven with some water first, then in the bottom oven, and we had them with boiled new potates, sauted sliced courgettes and some steamed Romanesco (which has come far to early, but won't be wasted)

I reduced down the juices with some fruity white wine....... delicious

Many thanks.    I think you can count me as a regular now.  

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