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free wood

Weve been offered the logs from 2 eucaluptus trees which are to be felled and logged soon...never burnt this...any good?
Weve loads of room to store it...

Definitely!  Might 'spit' a bit if you use it too fresh, but stores well, lasts and smells okay!  

Try scrolling down this link, you come to Eucalyptus after all the techie - bits

Thanks for that!.  The best free tree that we got was macrocarpa....a bit twisted and a pig to split for logs, but burns beautifully.

We had some huge logs, as in massive trees and saved them until the grips of one winter thinking that they would be top notch. We nearly froze to death, they were absolutely useless. They burnt with a cold blue grey smoke and were poor. We thought eucalyptus oil, must burn well.    

I have read on another forum where someone asked the same question and one of the replies said that eucalyptus when burned produces fumes that are hallucinogenic.

I have put 3 eucalyptus trees on my birthday list, just to check it out.  

Maybe thats why Koalas don't move very quickly, they are stoned.

Stoned koalas    

Seriously though, eucalyptus will burn well if properly-seasoned. Leave it for a year or so & it'll be just fine for burning.

I've found it's quite fibrous though, so it can be a sod to way is to buck it into rings about 6" thick, leave them to season, & you'll find they'll start to split by themselves. It's quite fast-burning too, but it doesn't leave a lot of ash & it smells beautiful  

Best logs we ever had were Acacia (Robinia pseudacacia 'Frisia'), a customer had had one taken down and we were in the right place at the right time (for a change!!)  They were a swine to split, but after a bit of open-air seasoning, they burnt hotter than coal and lasted for ages!!  The most unusual we've ever had were Monkey Puzzle (Araucaria araucana).  I know they get  big, but what a sin to cut something like that  down  

this is off another site        
Eucalyptus: A fast burning wood with a pleasant smell and no spitting. It is full of sap and oils when fresh and can start a chimney fire if burned unseasoned. The stringy wood fiber may be hard to split and one option is to slice it into rings and allow to season and self split. The gum from the tree produces a fresh medicinal smell on burned which may not be the best for cooking with.

We have had it in the past and found best way was as said cut into rings then split it while green with our 50tonne log spliter, no trouble in fact no harder than Mac which we do all the time and it burnt very well in our log burner did smell nice and didn't get stoned    

Its sitting in rings outside in a pile as we speak....we should have enough cut and stacked this winter as it is..but i never refuse wood....

the woodburner is doing great...its been on 3 nights this week and heats the kids rooms, bathroom and our room with enough background heat to make cosy but not overwarm, and we have loads of hot fact the water in the tank stays warm for 2 days!  Loads to do the dishes with throughout the evening and next day...although the 3rd tap at the sink causes a few strange looks....

What woodburner have you got Lorraine? it sounds lovely and toasty in your house! Love lizzie

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