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free-range home needed!

My 3 boys are in need of a new happy free-range home:

3 Cockerels, 4 months old - incubated and reared together by their mummy hen here with us. All wormed and healthy with no history of lice / red mite.

Need to be re-homed together.

Currently free-ranging in the garden with 1 other cockerel (dad) and 5 hens.

These boys sleep, eat, drink, and crow together. They always stick up for each other when they're in trouble with dad! They cannot be seperated.    

BAMBI - Speckled (Black, Auburn and Blonde)
PEACHES - Blonde/White with feathered feet
KAI - Auburn with a spectacular Black/Green tail

All are Bantam mixed Hybrids.
Very Friendly, Gorgeous and Entertaining boys!

Please help me find them a happy home, I want them to live out their full natural lives in a free-range environment - a donation will be made to anyone who can commit to caring for my lovely boys.

Thank you for anyone who can help - if Beegle is around I cannot PM you as I am a new member but I joined this site in hope of you being able to help! Please get in touch if you read this!

Anyone else out there who can help please reply.
I am located in Stafford but am willing to travel to give my boys the best home.

I hope to hear from some good samaritan soon! Thank you!


Whose beegle ?

Stripey, if Beegal cant take them have you thought about what you will do with them?

I think you'll have a problem as sooner or later they'll start to fight if they're kept together. Good luck though.

From the posts I've read I understand that Beegle runs a re-homing service from his 10 acre land home in warwickshire.

Sapphire - failing a reply from Beegle I'm still living in hope that somebody somewhere will be able to take them. Ideally they need to be moved to some sort of small holding or a semi-rural property with no nearby neighbours.
Dispatching them is not an option, I'll wait it out until I can find them a home.

If it came to it I would consider seperating them if I could find a good home for each of them.

I am sorry Stripey but they will need to be separated sooner or later - when they mature they WILL fight - its what they do.  Sorry I can't help - have you contacted a near by animal charity or petting zoo to see if they can help you?

thanks for advice everyone re: seperating them...

whether it be in seperate homes or in a home together i really just need to find somewhere for my boys.

if people are interested in taking just one then let me know and i can post photos / further info.

like i say i'm willing to travel to give them a good home ...even if it requires 3 seperate journeys!

i'm based in staffordshire - i've tried all my local sanctuarys, vets, small holdings etc., even the rescue centre i used to work at haven't got room for any more residents.  

hopefully help will come soon, my boys are so lovely and i feel awful that we are in this situation  

Hi Stripey, I'm afraid we don't have a Beegle here on OTG.

home found!

just to let you know my boys have found a new home together on a 10 acre farm not too far from us.  

i'm going to make the move with them next weekend  


Great result  

bodger wrote:
Hi Stripey, I'm afraid we don't have a Beegle here on OTG.

I think they meant "Beegal" .... (stripey commented on one of their older posts regarding placing the cockerels, a few days ago.) ...when I first read your comment, I thought "wow. I was sure I'd just seen a thread by that name"

Eta~So glad you've managed a new home for them Stripey!!

thanks emsley

i'm really glad we've been so lucky to find them such a lovely new home, but at the moment i just feel really sad that they are actually going...

i'll give an update next week on how the move has gone xox

thanks rena x

yes i did mean beegal! it is actually beegal who is taking the boys on for me, i managed to talk to him today  

Wonderful news Stripey!!! I was wondering if you'd managed to contact Beegal!

Great result!

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