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Free Range Eggs ?

Free Range Eggs ?
In the village of Sarn, which is about seven or eight miles away from where I live, I'm told that one of the big farms is well on the way to going into free range egg production in rather a large scale way.
They've levelled a 15 acre field and constructed a large purpose built chicken shed that has the state of the art technology, with all mod cons fitted. Conveyor belts for both the food and the eggs, showers for the workers and an integral egg packing station. Every thing will be push button.
A lorry is going to pick up the eggs twice weekly and deliver them to one of the big supermarket chains and the eggs will be sold as being free range.
The flock size is going to be 32,000 birds which probably pales to insignificance, when compared with some of the massive so called 'Free Range' enterprises that there are up and down the country but I'm sure that you can already see the point that I'm trying to make.
Even if they can tempt the hens to leave their food source and the warmth of the what amounts to a factory shed, by my reckoning, it means that the stocking density is going to be in excess of 3,000 birds per acre. Would you call that free range ? I know I wouldn't!
Rick & Carol

the proof is in the pudding. lots of people that buy our eggs comment that they are so much tastier, bigger, brighter yolked than supermarket 'free range' That's 12 birds ranging over about four acres
Dave C

Totally agreed R&C  

But 3000 per acre  
There won't be a blade of grass.

Here they are called shed/barn eggs not allowed to be called 'free range'

sod wrote:
Here they are called shed/barn eggs not allowed to be called 'free range'

Same here.  We have a few "egg farms" on the Moshav but the chucks are kept in large barns with an outdoor enclosed area, as it is impossible here and elsewhere for free range.

The eggs are collected by the largest dairy company, sorted into size and then stamped.  But us locals on the Moshav are able to buy that morning's eggs, by the tray, unsorted as to size and unstamped.  A tray of 30 is too many for me even though Tikva has a raw egg twice a week, so they let me buy half a tray.

The macolet sells eggs by the tray or carton, but they have to buy from the dairy company so the eggs they sell are cleaned, sorted, and stamped.  So they cannot be as fresh as those bought from the egg farms.

I would like to be able to buy free range but it is not possible, but at least I know the eggs that I buy are very fresh.

I wouldnt call them free ranging hens. Free moving maybe but 3000 per acre doesnt sound like alot of space to "range freely"

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