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Free fishing for me as of today !

Free Fishing for me as of today.

I made some enquiries this morning about getting some fishing. Its a largish natural pool that's only fished occasionally by residents in a letting cottage on a largish farm. The farmer sounds like an elderly chap who doesn't know anything about fish or fishing but apparently, I sold him a horse about twenty years ago that he was very fond of. At first he told me that the fishing was only for residents but that horse was my way in.
He's been told that there are carp and Rudd in it and another type that he couldn't remember the name of. Could it be perch I suggested ? "Yes that's it " he replied " And someone once said that they'd seen a pike too" he said.

I'll be digging in our muck heap this afternoon for some worms to use as bait this afternoon and I'll be giving the place a go either tomorrow, or the beginning of next week at the latest.

The lake/pool is well over an acre in size but I've only seen it from a distance. I've no idea what size the fish might be but as you can guess, I'm feeling pretty excited about things.

I'm thinking worm on the bottom, or float fished and perhaps a quick spin.
Hopefully I'll have a few photos to post in the not too distant future.

A good few months ago I also posted on here about me having a weeks holiday in the Lake District coming up this summer, well the time is nearly upon us. We're going to be staying in Hawkshead for a week, first week in July. I see that the fishing on Windermere is free but at ten miles long the fish in the lake can be hard to find. Other than casting in, any hints or tips would be much appreciated.   [/b]

carp-small hook,no weight ,sugar puff bait. maybe  feed the pond with sugar puff for a few days first.

Did you give it a go yet ,? sounds interesting .

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