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free bees

ok I have been trying to get into bee keeping but not found the bee forums very friendly places, but my mate is head pest tech for Kingslynn and west norfolk, and he said he had over 30 swarm calls last year and it will soon be that time again, well he has asked me if I want or know of anyone who wants them?
so .....does anyone want any?

I know exactly what you mean about them being cliqué as I was deleated and banned after introducing myself on the BBKA forums; it's as though they just don't want any new blood in the British beekeeping world.

Pilsbury will tell you about the underhanded way that I was treated when I entered several of my Home-made Meads and fruit vinegars in a regional beekeepers open show: exibits went missing, exibit cards were lost, destroyed or defaced. However, I did end up winning the first prize in the "Honey used as an ingredient" class with my Orange flavoured Mead

I would love to keep some Bees, and although I have two (flatpacked) home built bee hives in storgage upstairs, I just do not have anywhere to site them.  

if 30 miles isnt to far gareth I have many willing sites, 2 farmers would love me to site some bees, one of them being a fruit tree nursery, I was gonna build a top bar hive as that method of keeping is so simple.
I was deleted from the bee keeping forum when I offered to take someone ferretting in return for mentoring, pest control apparently = anti social and against the views of the site, so I said then that surely that would mean varroa control fell into the same catagorey

Thankgod for this place...! Why would people be so evil on other forums?

I'd gladly site a couple of hives on my land, the field next door is rape, would be perfect for the buzzers to scoot about on....

I thought Bee keeping would be about , erm, Bee keeping! Not promoting prejudices and sly goings on!!!!

I never tried the bee keeping forums but did join a local (ish) bee keeping association and they were lovely, full of very friendly people more than happy to help and guide a novice bee keeper. I still see some of them now and then and they always stop to have a chat, and I dont even have my bees anymore.  Maybe its just the forums that are full of grumpy buggers!



Lois and I are moving (again) in a few weeks: we've bought a house that backs up on to Lion wood here in Norwich. So hopefully we might be in a position to take a colony of Bees to populate at least one of my two currently flat packed,  and in storage Home-made hives.

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