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We bought a couple of foxgloves at the weekend. Foxgloves are bi-annual so these should flower this coming summer. We are fortunate in having lots of wild foxgloves around our hedgrows, they are one of my favourites, so we thought we'd get something a little different.
We'll plant some seeds in the coming months so that we should have plenty of plants at this stage for next year.
The bees will love them.


They look like they're gonna be nice!  

Pretty - we have loads of 'wild' ones  

I am reminded of something I read on a Blog about ensuring you have flowers in your garden all year round.

The advice was to visit a Garden Centre each month and buy something in flower. I kinda liked that idea for someone starting from scratch.

We're going to have a real go at growing our flowers from seeds this year. Its not as instant as buying your plants from a garden centre but its got to be cheaper growing from a packet and if your efforts are successful, far more rewarding.
Yesterday I started to put some more standing in our green house. I made two mini support columns out of breeze blocks. Using my best brick laying technique, I used three blocks in each column and today, I'll cut some planking to go across them.

When I married and I had my first garden I use to buy plants from the WI market, they were cheaper than garden centres, also most of the plants were cuttings or divisions of plants from members gardens, so I knew they grew and spread well and they would more than likey grow in mine as the conditons were similar.

You can see the price label on the ones we bought but at one garden centre that we visited, they were nearly twice that price.
One year we planted some lovely foxgloves and had a fantastic display. We said that we'd plant them again but for whatever reason, we never got around to it.

Foxgloves don't do well in our garden (although we have a few ) or in the hedge banks along our road- yet in the surrounding lanes the banks are full of them. Haven't quite worked out why - all conditions appear the same. It's a shame, I do love campions and primroses well that's another story

I flashed up this work surface in the greenhouse today. Its where the seed trays for more foxgloves and wildflowers will be going this spring.


Damn sight better than my block laying....looks real  pro to me mucker...power to your elbow and all that...
Quick knock up job...bally eck...thats a weeks wurk for moi...      

What that stuff between em     mine just sit on top of each other    

The foxglove that we planted earler on in the year has flowered, what do you think?


We didn't plant any foxgloves, but we had half a dozen flower filled examples all about 4 feet tall!

One of my favourite...and it fits in the gap very nicely.  Looks like it has been growing there for years.

TBH it looks a bit small  Mine are ginormous - is it supposed to be little? Love Lizzie

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