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For some strange reason, one of our beautiful Indian Runner ducks decided not to go to bed with its friends last night. Unfortunately, she paid the ultimate price and this morning, I found her half eaten body in the field and that's not all.
I run a Larson trap to catch magpies, we love our song birds and we try to help them as best we can. Keeping magpie numbers down locally is one way of doing this.
Last night the weather here was lousy, so I bought the trap and the Judas bird into the poly tunnel for safe keeping. Now back to the duck. Rather than totally waste it, I thought that the magpie might fancy a bit of duck minus the orange sauce. When I went in there this morning, I immediately saw that foxy had been in there too and that he's dug a big hole under the trap in an attempt to get at the birds food. He must have frightened poor 'Maggie' witless.
Tonight, the magpie will be well out of the way and the fox trap will be set in there, so fingers crossed for a result.

Good luck
Dave C

Yes good luck mate

And well done to you for running a Larson trap  
Them dam Maggie's and jackdoors need controlling.

Its all set up, its blowing a gale here right now, I'll have to wait to see what the morning brings.

Six pictures on the trail cam this morning. Three of me setting it last night and yes, you've guessed it, three of me collecting it this morning.


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