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Fox trap

After having borrowed my friends home made cage fox trap for the last twelve years  I finally returned it to him the other week.
I was out in my dressing gown at four o clock this morning chasing one of the horrible beggars off. I think I'm going to have to buy a 'shop bought' trap. Can any of our pest controlling/hunting members recommmend a good reasonably priced one?
From my own experience, I want a treadle trap with as much length to it as possible.

I use similar fox traps to the ones on this site.

I make all my own traps, these are made from galvanized welded wire that is used for mink cages.

I use thread pedal and pull bait methods both work well.

Shame you don't live closer or I could have knocked a couple up for you.

It would certainly be a good excuse for a trip out mate  Thanks for the link


I'd suggest you go for the largest one you can get, within reason, wary foxes prefer a bit of space.   I've found commercial pressure to minimise mesh and weight sometimes leads to traps made big enough that a fox would physically fit in, but unlikely to enter from choice.

Length is key, particularly in relation to the type of door being used.  If it's a drop door, as in that link, then the cage length is the active length.  If the door is swung up inside the trap to set and swings down and outwards when fired then the traps needs to be longer and the treadle plate further in so that the fox if fully past the door when it drops.  Otherwise it way hit his back, not close and he'll be away.

Make sure the door has a locking mechanism of some kind, although again with drop doors this is not quite as essential if the door is heavy.  However check that the door closes fully onto the (or preferably past) the floor of the trap.  If there's a gap he may get a foot hold and push it open.  When using this sort of trap make sure you keep debris clear from that area for the same reason.

If using a bait pull check that the pull cord/wire doesn't swing about in the trap.  If the cord hangs from the roof and there is too much cord then the fox can move towards the door with the bait before the door triggers. He may get part way out and again keep the door from closing.


The one that i've used successfully, has had a drop door. What would be the minimum lenghth of cage that you'd be looking for. ?

Like fourteenarce says don't buy or make them to small as Charley won't use it.

I make my fox traps in the following size 50" long 24" high 24"wide.

When using a pull bait, I have a 5mm steel plate door which is held in place by two runners on each side of the trap Like the ones shown below,

The wieght of the plate is heavy enough that Charley can not lift it up.

When setting the trap I have a peice of steelless steel rod 5mm x 100mm attacted to the rod is a piece of heavy duty fishing line (20kg).

I lift the door up, put the SS rod just in under the door to hold it up say a mm then run the fishing line along the top of the trap keeping it in the middle to a point where I put it thought the wire and attach a piece of bait pigeon, pheasant what ever, so that it is suspended in the middle of the trap from all sides. The weight of the door will hold the bait up, this way you have no extra line to think about, once Charley pulls on the bait the line only has to be moved a mm and the door falls and Charley is yours.

When I'm setting a fox trap I ALWAYS use thin latex gloves, try and rub a bit of blood from the bait around both ends of the trap, my thinking is, it will disguise any human scent that might be there.

I always put the trap in position and bait it, a few days before I set it, so Charley knows its there and is not a treat to him.

But little does he know.

I've caught loads of foxes with  the trap that I took back. Over the years, I've learned one or two tricks long the way to improve my chances of catching.
I had the trap going off quite a few times without a a fox being in it. I deduced that it was the fox trying to get at the bait without going into the trap. I got around that by cutting some gorse and placing it around the sides of the trap but obviously leaving the entrance clear. It certainly worked for me
Flatiron gave me another tip which I used successfully and that was to dig a shallow hole and to put the bait into it before placing the trap on top. I imagine that it stopped the fox from sticking its paws through the mesh and setting the trap off.
When I first started using the trap all those years ago I had some tremendous success. I caught most of the neighbourhood cats and about half a dozen foxes in the first couple of months. All the cats were released unharmed but obviously the foxes weren't so lucky

Sometimes I use a couple of electric fencing stakes to hold the trap in place, and stop it going off before Charley is inside.

I think we all have our own tricks when using traps, so it always good to post them so others can use them if needs be.  

I've got at least one here now that need catching, so I'm going to buy a trap in the next week.
Here's what E-bay has to offer. Most seem way too small or way too expensive.


you remember Ruth my mates German jagt terrier, later on this afternoon I will post how she carries out fox control, gotta go and finish building my new workshop.

Any joy yet Bodger? I am trialling the new collarum at the moment with no success. I have set in a flat set near the chicken run but so far only the rats have found the bait. Charley hasn't been round for a while but when he does I should have him.

On another note, Von has asked me out to the Rondy in July, you fancy going over? We can do the trap line together with hangovers from some 'old blue' and cider...

All the best


Very very tempted. Do you realise how hot and humid it gets out there in the summer?
I fancy the carp fishing  in the summer but because of the temperature I've always gone in the spring or the fall.

I haven't purchased a trap yet, tell me more about this one you're currently trialling. I've only lost one chicken so far but he or they have been around for the last three weeks. The fox poop that I've found has been full of wool but he obviously fancies a change of diet.

The new trap I am trying is called the Collarum, it is a humane capture device which is a mix of snare (restraint) and trap. It is set in a flat see and lightly covered with soil. The fox pulls the bait and the snare noose is fired over the neck. It has a deer stop to prevent the noose from closing fully and a powerful shock spring so the animal does not hurt itself if it thrashes about.

It was legalised in the UK in October and if successful I will be selling them for the Magnum Trap Company.

This is not a promo! As I said I am trialling one at the moment to see if I want to sell them.

Do a google search for the WCS collarum and watch the video.


I hope it works out for you and incidentally, we have no problems with active members such as yourself promoting your businesses on here.


Bodger I don't know if you can see these Pic's clearly enough but on this commercially bought Trap there is a Bar that runs from front to back along the top, which has an interior bait hook attached the Bar holds the door up until bait is pulled when the door falls a bar drops down two runners in front of the door preventing it from opening . It is 4ft x 20in x 20in .I've had a lot of success with it, the only thing I do is stake it at all four corners to stop it rocking or being moved by Badgers.

With the straight drop door, a four foot trap might be OK but for a few extra quid, I'm still tempted to go for the five footer.

bodger wrote:
for a few extra quid, I'm still tempted to go for the five footer.

me too

Extra size is always going to be better!

Rabbit Trap

Does anyone know if you can catch rabbits the same way?
I have seen them adverised but doubted if they would work.

ewal  see heres 1 pic of a working rabbit live catch

click on above

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