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Fox trap plans

After losing 55 ducks to foxes over the past 3 years, I borrowed a homemade fox trap, which worked on the second night. Too late for my latest flock of 14 - only 1 traumatised survivor.
Has anybody got any SIMPLE plans for a fox trap - or, better still, a trap to give me?


Hi Alan, it might be worth you introducing yourself to the members of the forum.
There are loads of plans on the internet for fox traps and if you do a search on OTG, I'm sure that there are some on here. As for anyone on the forum actually having and giving you a fox trap after just one post ?  

Welcome to OTG.


I am a 70 year old divorced disabled pensioner,living alone, who has discovered that keeping ducks and chickens is an absorbing hobby, as well as giving me a reason to crawl out of bed in the morning.
The eggs are very tasty and are a major part of my high protein diet regime.
This week I will be building (with the help of a builder friend) a very secure roofed compound made with heras 6' x 11' security fencing. concrete slabs on the outside.
I still want a fox trap as a permanent back-up.
I have only moderate DIY skills but am good at designing poultry houses, even though I gat a carpenter to build them to my specs.
My other interests are fruit 'n veg growing, current affairs (DM reader), entering competitions.
I moved here from London in December 1978.
Please just ask for any more info about me .

Hi Alan and welcome to OTG, So where have you moved to from London?

I'm sure you will settle in nicely with the crowd on here....Join in on the Grow your Own section....plenty to chat about on there...hopefully you can help guide and advise some of us...welcome once again

I moved to Wells to work for EMI. Very happy to stay here after retirement.
I have a couple of friends and a lot of friendly acquaintances- none of them female unfortunately!
My neighbours want me to stop keeping poultry and perhaps move into sheltered housing - I am a stubborn, bdooly-minded Taurean and will not give in, either to the fox or the neighbours!!!!!!!!!

Check this one out Allan. Its one that I made earlier.


to OTG Alan  

alandbailey wrote:
 I am a stubborn, bdooly-minded Taurean  

We have something in common.

Always a good thing to have a hobby or interest to help you step out of bed and enjoy.

What ducks and chickens do you keep?

Here's a link for fox traps, maybe with the help of your carpenter friend you could knock a couple up.

I will  use heras 6' x 11' security panels to make a secure and roofed duck enclosure in the middle of my garden.
If I have any cut-down panels over, I will use them to make my own fox trap - I prefer a pull bait/ drop trap as a treadle would be too tricky for me to make.
Thanks for all the advice. I will post what I finally end up doing.

alandbailey wrote:
I am a stubborn, bdooly-minded Taurean and will not give in, either to the fox or the neighbours!!!!!!!!!

You're going to fit right in here!
Welcome in to OTG  

Is this Hate Mail?

----- Original Message -----
From: "ELAINE" <>
To: "Alan" <>
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 7:17 AM
Subject: Your poultry


I have read your posts about your ducks and foxes. Killing wild animals is disgraceful and I am going to report you to the moderators.  You should look after your ducks better, I will inform the RSPCA as well.


has that come from someone on here???

budgie wrote:
has that come from someone on here???

I very much doubt it, too much common sense on here for that sort of twaddle.
Rick & Carol

better report a whole load of us then, not many fox loving poultry owners on here

I doubt its come from here and as I know all the moderators on OTG, whoever Elaine might be, I know that she'll be urinating into the wind.

I have just checked the admin section and there is no-one with that username or email address registered on Over the Gate.

If you allow your e mail address to be visible on the forum, guests will be able to contact you using that address

bodger wrote:
 I know that she'll be urinating into the wind.

Waste of time that mate, as she will be warm, wet and bothered, but after sometime, she'll just be wet and bothered.

Rick & Carol wrote:
better report a whole load of us then, not many fox loving poultry owners on here

I love dead foxes    
Dave C

Yeh they better not read any of my Shooting Posts, or i am in trouble  

Welcome to the forum Alan

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