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Found a bargin? ... do tell

What bargains have you lot found when out and about?

The usual retailers, charity, and second hand shops, even stuff that you have bought from classified ads, or ebay etc.

My latest find & buy was a cold cast resin and granite dust, Isle of Lewis Chess set for a fiver in a local secondhand shop . .... .... I've wanted an Isle of Lewis Chess set for sometime, and the cheapest that I've come across; even on ebay was in excess 25. I love to play chess, and one of my current projects is to sculpt a 16 inch high Isle of Lewis garden chess set, and so not only do I have something that looks good, I can play with, but I can also use the pieces as 3D models for the larger set.

Here are the white pieces from my set; loving placed on the fire place by Lois for me.

Oooh-I like that Gareth!! Might have to find me one-not that I really play but the kids are getting into chess-well their rules anyway!!

We are mad bargain hunting at the mo to get stuff for the house once its all finished. Last night OH picked up an 11ft 6 church pew for 51-they have been going for around 200 on ebay so well pleased! Also a shower cubicle-brand new only 25. Have recently had an old Yorkstone hand carved sink for a mere 50, brand new corner bath 10.50, brand new next sink and tap 5.15......Lots more along the same vein, all from Ebay! We are spending hours on there and travelling to collect stuff but it is saving us a packet! We have a mixed selection of about 25 old wooden doors to put in the house-total 140-and we originally were looking at new doors at 120 a pop!

Also currently sporting (in my cold caravan) lovely new fleecy type coat from Oxfam for 5.99-OH's comment was-that looks expensive!!  Since we moved all kids to same school have needed lots of new uniform and have found 7 items at 99p each in the charity shops-saving us around 300! (Yes-expensive uniform as they are all at posh school now!)

OH paid 5 each for 2 12 foot high trees at the last Saturday Sale at the livestock centre-forget what type they are but no-one wanted anything so huge so we squeezed them in!

I am forever searching for bargains-hopefully we can finish the house without a single item coming direct from a retailer!  Right off to ebay!

We got fridge freezer for $5.00 off "Trade me" and a Mitzy double cab ute for $550 to replace our one thats a bit knocked around.
Big Phil

Dont really do shopping.
However I bought a walking cane for 4 in a charity shop. I only bought it for the brass ball I thought to put on a longer staff. The boys were playing with it as it unscrewed into two sections. Then discovered the ball unscrewed to reveal a little glass flask, some minutes laterdiscovered the ball itself unscrewed to reveal a compass. I was really pleased and delighted.
I'm going to re varnish and polish it.

I bought a pair of gun cabinets off ebay for twenty pounds, saved hundreds.

Eleven Turkish dewlap pigeons for twenty quid the lot. I haven't, neigh daredn't tell Kaz yet.


I made two fairground ride handrails today, in exchange for two 1000 litre capacity palletised bulk liquid containers.


Two X 200 litre capacity plastic drums for 5 the pair today. To be used for even more rain water storage; that brings me up to a potential of 2400 litres of rainwater for the garden next summer


Gorgeous framed print of a pencil drawing of a wei+maraner's head for 99p yesterday. Its a really striking picture and even OH likes it and he is firmly a labrador man!! Would photograph but pics taking a year to upload!

this is a swap
25 ferreted rabbits (wanted to ensure there was no bruising) in return for a gammon from the butcher at xmas week, it has actually led to an order of 6 ferreted rabbits a week if I have any spare

A very nice result Darren.
chicken feed

our best bargain lately has to be the 4 kune kunes growing into sausages they were going free very well grown and in fantastic condition.

then there was the 4 ft water trough for 10 brand new too.

oh not forgetting my edwardian farm book      

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