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Ford Transit Connect. Load Capacity.

I have to transport just under 1100 litres of cider. I'll be decanting it from a large IBC into five 45gallon (205 litre) plastic barrels before moving it.
I have a Ford Transit Connect van and a two wheel flat Ivor Williams trailer at my disposal.
Spreading the weight out between the van and the trailer, can I move this weight safely and legally with the set up that I have?
The journey is going to be four hours plus. I've worked out that each barrel is going to weigh in the region of 400lb plus.

It depends upon the unladen weight of the trailer.

Ford Transit Connect payloads:

Gross internal Payload: 648kg

Gross Vehicle Weight: 2040kg

Kerb Weight: 1392kg

Towing Limit: 2840kg

However, I wouldn't go above about 1.2 ton gross on a braked single axle trailer: the weight of the trailer and the payload. Because it is very easy to get a single axle trailer snaking, and especially nodding on the drawbar.

Note; that unbraked trailers are restricted to a maximum gross of 750kg: that is the combined weight of both the trailer and the load.

Refer to your vehicles handbook, and the information plate affixed to the trailer.

I Googled it and saw a short wheel based FTC having a capacity of 825 kg. If I use a trailer can I carry a combined weight thats greater than this?


The maximum towing limit for a FTC is 2840kg (includes the weight of the trailer) on a braked 4 (or more )wheel trailer, or up to a max of 750kg on an unbraked 2 wheel, single axle trailer (includes the weight of the trailer so if that's 250kg, then you can carry up to 500kg), plus whatever you can cram inside up to a max of either 648 kg or 825 kg depending upon which model of FTC you have ... check your handbook for the details.

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