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Ford Green Hall

This is a lovely 17th century house that's been lovingly restored and preserved by many dedicated volunteers over the years and which serves as a museum.  The council are now trying to close it - cutbacks being the excuse!  

Would you all please sign their e-petition against this and help us keep it for the people of Stoke on Trent!

I'll sign it. I've been there many times.

For my CSE course work, ( forty years ago now ) I did something on the history of the gun and was actually given permission to take photographs of the small gun collection that they had there. Best of all, Ford Green Hall has a fantastic pigeon cote in the corner of the garden.
To the side of the hall, there's a small brook and extensive reed beds. Thousands and thousands of swallows congregate there every autumn before parting for warmer climes. Its a fantastic sight and most years, there's a white swallow or two to be seen

I love the pigeon cote!  It's just a lovely piece of history and to lose it would be terrible.  The activity days there are brilliant too.  I'm hoping to get to their 17th Century Christmas event next month - should be great!

I have driven past it so many times but have never visited it

Best hurry up Kaz - just in case!     It doesn't take long to look round but if you have the guided tour, it's really good!

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