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Ford Anglia.

I've just picked up this snippit. On this day in 1963 the first Ford Anglia was produced at Halewood, LIverpool.

Well first of all, for you youngsters out there, do you remember seeing a Ford Anglia and then, for us ever so slightly more mature people, did you ever drive in one or actually own one?

My brother Jake might very well have one of two amusing anitdotes to add to this thread about his Ford Anglia.

My Auntie had one, for quite a long time. She loved it.

We used to call them "Angleboxes"    There's still an odd one around here and one of the lads I shoot with has one, but apart from the body shape there is little of the original left on it, I think he rallies it.

Had to google the pic (too young!!) but my folks defo had one as I've seen pictures! By the time I came along it had been swapped for another ford, foul browny yellow colour, very rounded edges.....what would that have been oldies?  

My first car was a 1200E Ford Anglia estate, which I bought back in the summer of 1980; Dark Blue, reg no LFL767F, for the very hard earned King's ransome of 70 as an 18 year old, 2nd year Agricultural engineering apprentice on the princely sum of 16.40 per 40 hour week   :

My Dad had 2. A saloon ( I remember watching the indicators pop out!) and an Anglia estate. Many happy holiday memories! Love Lizzie

Never had one , i had to make do with its predessor the Ford Anglia 100e side valve engine , 3speed gearbox, wipers worked on the vacum from the engine and stopped if you were pulling hard up a hill, then when you changed gear they went so fast that they came off !! aye fun days.

milton wrote:
We used to call them "Angleboxes"

Spot on ....always were and still remain "Angleboxes".....

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