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Yorkshire Geordie

For starters

I'm glad the calendar is going still.
I was out walking recently in sunny Devon.
Here are a few from me:-

Otter Valley view

Mr mole



Juvenile thrush


Great photos, particularly the ladybird  

I like the mole  

Lovely photos, especially like the mole


Nah!!!!! Its got to be the thrush

Thrush is tops for me but I also love the dandelions  

Great pics all round though
Yorkshire Geordie

Thank you, all, for the comments - much appreciated.

Here's one I took on Budleigh Beach in April.
I like to think the gull was practicing for a position in the Red Arrows or perhaps trying to emulate a Fairy Gannet.  

Or perhaps he was the Star Performer - or maybe simply hungry??

The right spot at the right time. How do you do it? Do you use a tripod to take your pictures and what sort of camera do you have? I wish that I could take pictures like that.

Thought they Fairey Gannet was contra rotating twin prop.  

All great pics.  
Yorkshire Geordie

Bodger, I used to have a tripod but since I moved to Devon (2yrs ago) I can't find it!

The pictures are nowadays shot with a hand held Canon 550D using an 18-55mm zoom or a 55-250mm zoom (both Canon)

I used to have a Fuji Finepix S200EXR but that was submerged in a river when I capsized my Yamaha playing submarines.  

Someone once said you can get good "shots" if you use a Canon    boom-boom.


Brilliant photos, you should be very proud of them!  

Bazzer wrote:
Thought they Fairey Gannet was contra rotating twin prop.  

All great pics.  

True watch the wings carefully  

Lovely stuff geordie,keep those origional files on your pc...

I love that!   The starfish just finishes it off perfectly
mrs tiggywinkle

 Well done they're all lovely but my favourites are the ladybird and the seagull with the starfish.  Just got to go on the calendar.

Lovely photos  

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