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For goodness sake!

It's one mouse saga after another in our house  :xroll: .  I make sure I shut all the bedroom doors now at night to stop the cats bringing them up for me as gifts as it's not unknown to find them where you would not want to.  So this morning there is one cat perched at each end of the bookcase and to be honest I forgot about the poor mouse stuck in the middle.  So finally remembering I removed cat from his food bowl and stuff him at one end while I poked mouse at other to come out.  This is by far the best way because I can never catch mice.  So cat gets mouse but because husband has been hoovering upstairs, all the doors are open and of course, cat has to run up there.  Manage to find cat still with mouse and shew him back downstairs, except of course he drops and 10 mins later, he has it again .... finally after more shenanigans, Marsh catches it  :xroll:  and dutifully gives it to me, still alive, I finally get to do the kindest thing and onto the roof it goes for the birds.  Don't you just love kitty cats  :xwave: .

I thought that you were talking about a pet mouse :xshock:

You should see chickens catch and eat mice :xconfused:

I just don't understand why they have to carry them round alive.  He caught it loads of times but still didn't kill it.

Experience with my cats of 17 years leads me to believe it's the chase they enjoy  

So cat gets mouse but because husband has been hoovering upstairs

OMG........if you can train the OH to find the hoover let alone use it, then training a cat should be simple..........    

Something like that!    

Another bloomin mouse saga this morning.  After the cats had finished playing and finally caught mouse (something I can't do), they left it, then Marsh found it, mouthed it, rolled on it at which point I realised it was there ready to taken outside.  So go to back door holding it by tail but when I got out there the flippin chickens grabbed it off me and ran off!  :xshock:  So I spent next five minutes pursuing chickens to get it off them, but every time one dropped it the other one grabbed it.  I had the chicken and she wouldn't let go and at one point even all three of us were grappling for it.  I gave up in the end and just tried not to think about it and the consequences, revolting.

      I would have loved to have seen all 3 of you grappling for a mouse.  I give up if the chickens get hold of anything, it's just not worth it

I once had a cat who catched a mouse outside. Than it was dinertime and he came in with that mouse in his mouth and put it in his food and ate the food around the mouse. The mouse layed very still than realised he could escape so he moved very very slowly out of the food and the cat kept on going eating. Than when the mouse was away from the food 20 centimeters, the cat while eating moved his frontleg and got the tail of the mouse and with his nails draged the mouse into the food again still going on eating.

I finally took the mouse, who was covered with catfood and let him go.

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