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For all the mole catchers out there!

Can you explain how you think that this trap works ? It would appear to catch them alive.

Can you imagine driving around at night chucking live moles onto pristine lawns and how much business you'd drum up ?


very easy trap to make works very well .dig out run so you can fit pipe in to make a bridge cover with earth large pipe has gravety door one way fit over this hessin bag contaning cat dog food some mud and hay .mole enters into sack one way and is stuck in sack .stonger nylon sacks are better as ive seen moles tear through hessin with there mighty digging hands .all bits can get from B&Q or simular may be able to do you a drawing if you need hope this  bowling club never moans when my terriers stay now he he .

It looks as if it would be a great idea but unfortunately it is inhumane to capture them live as confinement, for even a short period, causes the little animal so much stress that they can die a slow death once released.
It is our strong recommendation that you should contact a Traditional Molecatcher if you do have a Mole problem. As he/she (yes we do have lady ones) will be able to help. see the website for more details.

More inhumane than killing them ?

Just got into this one I use the Jasper Carrot method sit in the middle of the lawn glass of scotch in one hand spade in the other.Wait till one of the little beggers shows scotch on table and BEAT THE CR*P OUT OF THE THE OUT OF THE MOUND.If that DOSE NOT WORK walk into the house come out with 12bore and blast away.That method though you have Mr plod knocking on the door and cost a fortune to repair your lawn,but gives great satisfaction to know you have either given some of the bas***s a bad head or blasted some of the little begger to mole heaven.
matt the rat

bodger wrote:
More inhumane than killing them ?


To confine a wild mammal with a fast metabalism for anything up to 24 hours has got to be more inhumane than instant death.

There is a myth that all killing is inhumane.  It isn't.  The shock and stress caused to a confined animal is far more inhumane than an instant death.  Shock, can and will kill most wild animals.

Then there is the problem of disposal of any caught animals.  What do you do with your captured mole?  Take it off and release it somewhere else, where it will have to fight to find a new territory?  Drown it?  Let a dog kill it?  Shoot it?  How?

To me, the confinement of any wild animal is inhumane, but especially moles.

I do, however, accept that some of the traps on the market today are not up to the job.  It's a real shame IMO that mole traps were exempted from the original spring trap legislation.

I agree Matt.

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