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Football in Russia

How green is it for two English football teams, supporters and entourage to travel to Russia for a match???

It ain't but we don't want to deal with the hooligans and the Russians are better at this - oh and they want the money. Environment 0 - Money 2.

Well the pitch will be green!  

Heck if we all went totally green we'd have no bdooly fun at all would we!

I think its rediculous the amount of money it will cost fans to go over and watch the final.  40,000 odd visas in 3 weeks sounds like fun, and a police force that sound like they will pull you on something just to bribe you.  At times like this im glad i support the Villa  :-)
steve from bath

And a Russian team is having to travel to Manchester to play a Scotish team

Sumo wrote:
and a police force that sound like they will pull you on something just to bribe you.  :-)

I know that one! On my first trip to Russia, I got pulled over and had to pay $10 (cash) on the spot speeding fines 3 times during the drive from the airport to Moscow City Centre. Also got pulled over and on the spot fined for speeding (again $10 cash) in Hungry, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Had to pay the equivilent of about $25 in local curency as special local area work permit levies to the local mayors and police chiefs in Iran, Libya, and Jordan.

Got fined about $20 for working during Friday prayers in Tunisia.

Had to pay a special personal export duty when driving over the border from the Ukraine into Hungry, and then after driving about another 200kms got legitimately fined and ordered to pull over and park up for driving a 1 ton capacity pick up with trailer (GTW 3.5 tons) on a Sunday in Hungry.

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