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Focus DIY liquidation

Focus DIY are currently in administration, and will remain open for only 5 more days from today if a buyer for the group is not found.

They are clearing the shelves at the moment with prices knocked down to mind blowing silly low levels.

Time to grab yourselves a bargain folks ......... but do consider that you will not be able to return any items for a refund. However, if you do purchase with a credit card you will be able to claim a refund from your credit card company if the goods are genuinely faulty.

Oooh thanks Gareth - Im off to Wymondham tomorrow to see what I can get.  Love Lizzie

ours dissapeared a couple of years back, shame, like a bargain!

Thanks for this Gareth, will pop down and see what they have

That will mean my eldest will be out of a job then. He says that they have heard of several deadlines as to when they are due to cease trading but that each one has been passed. They aren't selling good off cheaply in the store that he works in as yet.

Same here. I read this thread last night and popped into my local Focus hoping for some bargains but it seemed like business as normal.

Ours isn't selling up yet.

Uttoxeter have pretty much everything apart from very routine stuff like bags of compost on sale, got a nice garden table, chairs and parasol cheap on the way home tonight.

ours isn't selling up as yet either i'm glad to say for those employed there             some stores have apparently been sold   some to wickes and some to b&q     i sincerely hope that those not yet clearing out will continue to trade under new ownership and those currently employed therein hold onto their jobs in an increasingly difficult and threatened marketplace
and to those scurrying for the bargains.....enjoy the spoils.....

The clearance sales start at all Focus branches tomorrow Thursday 26th. AFAIK

Our branch has had a sale on for the last week or more and there are signs on the door saying they are not in liquidation?

I guess only time will tell

I've spoken to my eldest lad this evening and he's been told that he'll be out of work in six weeks time.

Sorry Bodger,same thing happened to my 2nd son 3 years ago when they'd just had a baby--it's a shock when your employer goes belly up suddenly, there's never a good time for it to happen.

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