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Clan Chief

Fly tying

Not been on here for quite a while I will need to visit here more regularly.
Not been doing much fishing since the brown trout season finished but have been busy fly tying

Here are some of my latest tyings..................


Wow, stunning flies!  I'm new here to the forum and would love to hear more about your brown trout fishing opportunities, seaons and techniques.

Superb CC

great skill
Clan Chief

adirondack-jim you say you would like to read more of my troot fishing. Here is a link to a fantastic  on line zine which I have contributed to...I will post more tales if you wish in due course.....
This is my article on a wee trip I went on back in the summer

Thanks for the link!  Enjoyed your story.

Brilliant flies...i bet that kept you quiet for hours!! ...and thanks for the link!

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