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Fly fishing day.

Well, Simon has absolutely no interest in fishing whatsoever but a magazine has asked him to go on a one day fly fish lesson to include tie flies and fishing whilst interviewing the guy that has set up this new business in North devon.  its just so unfair - just like the bread making course I would dearly love to have gone on this but it wasn't to be.  Simon went today and had a fantastic time.  he caught two fish (I am going to say trout here but they could just as easily be sea trout - haven't seen it yet), one of which they cooked on the river bank and ate for lunch and the other he has brought home which I will be cooking for his evening meal.  He says he thinks he could get into it given the time so I am going to encourage him as much as possible - sea fishing is what I want to encourage most!

Wa-heey! Another convert to the club...................

'We few, we happy few'    

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