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Fly Control

As has been mentioned elsewhere, flies can be a real menace in the summer and our place is no exception.
Last night, Kaz must have been shopping at somewhere like Argos because she came home with two makes of the blue light insect zappers. One cost just over three pounds and the other was thirteen. We decided to road test the two and hung both of them up in the kitchen.
The results of the two devices were remarkably similar, in as much that none of the flies would go anywhere near them.
To conclude our testing of the two makes. The cheaper one would appear to be the best buy simply because it was cheaper.

I still use fly papers here, they work well though as we have low ceilings flies aren't the only things that get stuck on them occasionally  

Very low ceilings here in the 'Bodger Paradiso' so we can't make use of them but they do make fantastic soup when they're full.

Hydrophane used to do one years ago which was a yellow tube printed with flies which hung horizontally.  It was supposed to be used for stables but was brilliant in the house, can't find them now though

matt the rat

The problem with the very cheap machines (apart from the fact that they fall apart in no time, and you can't service them easily) is that they have far too much plastic on them, which stops the UV light getting out.

Electric fly control units should be used to intercept adult flies.  They will never cure a fly problem on their own.

You should always remember that the adult flies you see flying around only represent 15% of the population at any given time.  The other 85% of the population is in different life stages, which is where the real control should take place.

Dryness is the main enemy of the fly - if you can locate the source of the flies, then drying out the breeding matter is always the best, least toxic, and most effective method.  There are also chemical interventions which are available to professionals to treat at the larval stage which can be very effective.

Fly papers, and glue boards tend to be yellow in colour because that is a very attractive colour for all flying insects.

If you use an EFK, here are some basic guidelines:

Make sure that any unit has new tubes (the correct sort) put in every year.  They may still 'light up' but that doesn't mean that UV light is coming out of them.

Do not position the machine where it has to compete with ambient UV light.  The general rule is to make sure that it is at right angles to the main source of natural light, and that it cant be seen from outside (if it can, it will attract flies in).

Position any unit away from food prep areas.  Remember that their job is to intercept BEFORE they get to sensitive areas.  You do not want to attract flies towards the most sensitive areas either.

Artificial light (flourecent tubes for example) also give off a certain amount of UV light.  Make sure any EFK is not in direct line, or too close to the artificial light.

Do not position the unit too high.  The optimum height for a unit is too have the base of the unit no more than 1.8 metres from the ground.  That takes advantage of the average flying height of the flies.  Put the unit too high, or too low, and the flies won't see it.

Keep the machine clean, especially the killing grid.  Unplug the unit periodically, and brush the grid off with a paintbrush.  If it gets dirty or dusty it may short out the grid rendering it useless.

If anyone has any specific fly problem feel free to PM me.

Cheers Matt.

Thanks Matt - that's good advice.
Oor kitchen is lit with flourescent tubes so that may be part of the problem
matt the rat

The other thing to consider is flyscreening the doors and windows.  It's not that common in domestic premises in the UK (it is a legal requirement for commercial food premises), but it is quite common overseas.

It needent be that expensive either.  There are DIY solutions out there, or for a pukka job, there are specialist companies who sub contract to the pest control industry.

The first rule for dealing with any sort of pest is to deny them access.  Flies are no different.  I'm even considering putting screens up in our kitchen as my wife is a fresh air addict and insists on having the window open all the time (and then thinks it's fine to blast willynilly with flyspray).

I hate the ruddy things with a vengeance. I'm getting some whoppers in the house at the moment - they make straight for the uneaten cat food, so I'm whisking that away as soon as I can (tho' after this morning's little tragedy there's one less dish   )

Does boiling lemons or burning citronella candles have any effect?

Kaz has just finished with the hacksaw on the plastic bars.
green man

We got one of these last year as Nelly was having her pups and quite terrified of the fly switch, worth every penny, just make sure you remove all other light  if you want it to attract the flies, get a big meat fly in one and you get the smell of burning hair.

I can't remember where we got ours from but it was cheaper than this, faulty when it arrived and they sent us another return post and told us to keep the first one so we had a free bulb for our trouble.  

Ours seem to deterred the flies by their presence  - there isn't a fly in site (but the traps are empty)

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