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Floyd's first ferreting expedition

Hello one and all,you may remember him as a pup when i first posted the image of Floyd my mates Cocker Spaniel.Floyd is now 10 months old and is working well,my mate is looking is looking forward to the Pheasant season now,he has been working well of the gun with duck and geese.
 We recently have been ferreting a large property for somebody and we took Floyd with us the other day for 4 or 5 hours to see how he got on rabbiting,his owner was well pleased as from the start he was marking holes for us,we just just followed his nose as it were and every time the old boy was right so he will be in attendance in the future.

Dave C

Nice bag there mate, looks like he is coming on well for you.


He looks so proud of himself

Pretty boy Floyd.  He's a picture.

kaz wrote:
He looks so proud of himself

The first thinh I thought is how chuffed he looks with himself.....

Hope you have many more fruitful days out together.

He's a good-looking spaniel mate! And he does look pretty smug, doesn't he?  

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