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Yorkshire Geordie

Flowers at Bicton

Mrs YG, Biscuit and I have just had a very warm, sunny and pleasant visit to Bicton.

The bees on the flowers have been VERY busy - as busy as bees can be!  

Here's a couple on some echinops ......

Here's another on a yellow flower ....

And a bit further on there were more ....

This display was very colourful .....

And this digitalis was wonderful .....

This hydrangea was in a good display mode today .....

Symmetry ......

And a Grecian Urn didn't earn any drachmas for this display .....

After a coffee, scones and sitting in the sun we were totally relaxed, even Biscuit wasn't straining on the leash.  


Looks lovely sounds like a very peaceful few hours total chilling out.

Thank you for sharing the photos.


As always great pics

Thank you and so glad to see the bees at with all the die offs around the world and to see them on such colourful flowers too. Glad you had a great time

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