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Flower garden

We have a sizeable area to tackle and have decided to split it into manageable plots each with a kind of theme.
One will be a herb garden outside the kitchen to the side of the house.
The bit i need inspiration for and help with is a flower garden. There is an area at the front of the house which currently houses a large holly and nothing much else. I would like a scented garden and flowers for cutting but have no idea of where to start and would really appreciate any help/ideas
We also have a bunny problem

Thanks in advance

Right!!! Could we have a photo of the plot please?
Scented garden -
Lonicera fragrantissima
and biennials such as sweet williams
Sweet pea tower
Im sure I will think of more.
p.s shoot the bunnies!! or failing that a ring fence of chicken wire dug into the ground.

Right  Lizzie!!
Have pics for you but not being clever at all i don't know how to put them on here    I'll wait for OH to do it for me

There are an insurmountable number of bunnies  and a now well cut down laurel hedge along the front and someones previous attempt at rabbit fencing   BUT due to the mangle of roots its pretty ineffective  .We're hoping to underplant with Hawthorn to fill in the gaps (which you will see when pics posted )

Looking forward to the 'before' pictures

With tuition which i will doubtless forget here are the pictures of the piece intended as a flower garden as it was in its very early and original glory in 1850 when the house was built   it measures approx 24x16

The last picture depicts our superbly chalky soil
This is only the start and sitting here looks like a monumentally expensive task     further pictures of proposed herb garden to follow


Hmmmmmm....... bigger than I thought!! BUT all the things i mentioned will do well in a chalky soil. May I suggest a couple of island beds with grass paths. Then you can plant large things like lilac or choysia or small flowering trees like Malus or small cherries with intermediate shrubs like buddlea or dogwoods or cotinus underplanted with hebaceous and bulbs and annuals.
What you could do for now is spray off any nasty perennial weeds and get a LOAD of compost in ready for September planting.
I wish I was nearer - I actually do garden consultations for people.  Chalky soil is fine, my MIL has a wonderful established chalk garden that is brilliant all year round.
The RHS used to do several little books about plants suitable for rabbity gardens and chalk soils. It might be worth checking out their websites.
Happy to help in any way I can, love Lizzie

You're certainly going to have a labour of love on your hands, but I'm sure that its going to be well worth the effort.
I'd like to see the photos this time next year.

Lizzie          i wish you were nearer too    seriously

that part is only half of the very front   the other half is destined to be a private lawned area.......when we get rid of the moss   it was originally the vegetable garden.......then there's the rest

I think we have a marathon ahead of us but you have given us a starting point and for that i thank you      i think that as the proposed herb garden runs off from the proposed flower garden it would make sense to continue with a raised bed theme

I'll have to look out for some of the reading you suggest

John.........hopefully we''ll have made a little headway for next year and it will turn out to be a progressive if amateurish ever evolving work of art

How about a meadow mix to get some colour for this year? I've used them in the past, & you get a glorious profusion of mixed blooms, all designed for coverage!

Or you could mix the likes of night-scented stock with marigolds, cornflower, forget-me-not, etc along with a wildflower mix into a couple of buckets of compost & just dig it all in? Then a few hebes, hostas, & the like dotted around, & you have a practically-instant result. And the beauty is, they should all naturally re-seed & you get the same the following year

Front of Ladyslips garden

We made a start on the front of the garden 124 sq mtrs of cobbled patio
OH wat a good boy am i  


PS the bunny problem is getting less by the night  

'what a good boy are you'??????

That looks horribly like three sons grafting and not much sign of daddy.........and yes    i know someone has to hold the camera xx

I love those pavers, what a difference they make  

I've been thinking of re-doing our drive with those, it's currently textured concrete which has been painted. It's starting to break up and I don't really want concrete back down - and definitely not painted as it's a slippy as hell when it's wet.

Can I ask what sort of money per square metre those setts cost?

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