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ok, i am now just about ready to decorate the bedroom, well we been here 3 years now so i recon it needs doing.....  

it has floorboards, with big gaps in them. ok i can fill some of the gaps with wood, but what do i fill the other smaller gaps with?
you can see right thru some of them.....someone suggested sawdust mixed with that brown silicon filler stuff, but i think that might be a bit too messy, and i dont think it would sand very well.....

any ideas?


Sisal string (baler twine?), or thin hemp rope.

Caulk the gaps between the floor boards like boatbuilders and shiprights do to planking hulled boats. All you'll need to this a medum size hammer and a blunt bloster chisel. Once the boards have been caulked with the string/rope. Dilute a little Unibond or other quality PVA so that it is pourable, and coat the string/rope by carefully pouring the PVA onto it; any mess is easily cleaned up with some warm water.

Well, the recommended method for a large area is to lift the boards and relay them closer together.......I know.....nothing's ever simple is it  
Small gaps can be filled with papier mache, poked well down below sanding height.
green man

This is the best filler going, I would prepare your floor for varnishing, then fill with "red devil" sanding may not be necessary, water colour touch up to the filler then a couple of coats of varnish to make sure it stays put when you get the vacuum on it.

thanks guys......

now i just have to take my pick which might be easier......
defo not lifting the boards tho.......

i am not going to leave them as wood, i am going to sand them then paint them white........trying to achieve the ' shabby chic ' look. did it in the old house and it looked good, but the floorboards had been replaced before we lived there so not much work to do.

The caulked string/rope works extremely well.

Very quick and easy to fit. The PVA is ready to sand after 24 hours, and will readily take Varnish, polish, or paint. The boiled hemp cord that I used, gave a lovely warm contasting colour effect on the polished floor in our bedroom.

I caulked all the bedroom floors and skirting board gaps in my old house; a mixture of Pine, Beech and unknown wooden floor boards. The fibres take up both the contraction and expansion of the boards through the seasons and are unaffected by central heating, etc. Also prevents accidental spills from soaking through into underfloor cavities, and causing smells at a later date.

Just a PS. after 40 plus years working in peeps homes,
Gareths method is the quickest and easiest,
but seal the floor with PVA.
Obviously the correct method is always new boards,
Its down to cost time ect.

have fun    
stumbling goat

before you caulk and glue the boards, are you satisfied that you will not want to lift them again for rewiring or replumbing purposes?  it seems to me that once you go down the glue/caulk route they are down for good.



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