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The river at  Bawburgh 8am today. OH took these on his way to work. Water 6 ins+ all over the toad. Love Lizzie

Re: Floods

lizzie44 wrote:
all over the toad. Love Lizzie

Poor toad..............sorry Lizzie, couldn't help it  

It's scary to see what water can do

That's mad! Hope you dry out Soon!

On our news last night we saw waterfall going onto a main road from farmland above   as well as flooding feel very sorry for all you people there

Poor bdooly toads are probably washed away!!! The roads are getting pretty bad - there are some enormous potholes appearing now the ice has gone.

Not looking good there Lizzie, you're right about the roads too, lots of new potholes and even 20ft sections of top covering breaking down around here.

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