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Its that time again. Im fed up with the pesky blighters. How do you deal with them? Any good recommendations for products that really work?? Love Lizzie

I have just put gauze fly masks on mine, and am trying a wipe on product for the rest of the's perithrim (sp) based, I will let you know how I get on. One coating is supposed to work for 17 days....I can't see it, but will see how it goes.  

It is black fly season here, and they are horrible things....then it's deer flys, and they are horrible, then it's back to the usual lot you get in the uk!!
stir crazy

everyone else I know hates it but I swear by Leovet Phaser - seems expensive at 7 per bottle but I only get through two a summer. I apply once a day and it does the job.

We are out of fly season here but we make fly traps get 20litre container put plastic jar over top hole drill holes in sides, first put fish or offal in bottom with water to nearly cover. Flys come in lower holes fly up to light jar and die fall down...........................

I find 'naff off' gel works on my mare.

When I used to ride - especially when I was doing a lot of endurance riding - I wore a visor over my hat - (one of those green transparent ones that tennis players wear) - to stop me getting migraines from the glare of the sun, but found that it also kept the flies away from my face. (There's nothing worse than swallowing a fly when you're travelling at full pelt!   )

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