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My cat seems to have brought home quite a lot of her little friends this year.

Yes, I know there are effective (and more expensive) treatments available from the vet, but in the past we've managed well with a fleacollar, powder or spray, and comb, to keep the cat and the house reasonably clear, and I've always been reluctant to dose the cat with chemicals which may have undesirable side effects.

But this year the little buggers have made themselves rather too noticeable and not at all welcome (as if they ever were)! Tics and other pests and parasites have been no problem at all.

So what is it with the fleas? Is it the wet summer we've had? Will a cold winter kill most of them off? I shall have to spray the house again, but it means a day outdoors to avoid breathing in the fumes! Ugh..!!

A bad year for fleas  LOTS  about.

Best you get a pro pester in and have it done properly ( save you a lot of money in the long run ).

Seems to be a resistance to Frontline flea control.

People think they can treat it themselves and and end up paying over 100 for different sprays /bombs etc,  then have to call in a pro and get a bit angry to get charged to have it done RIGHT   when they have already spent a fortune on it already      

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