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Fix my coffee maker?


Big misery, my coffee maker of four years died the other day after almost everyday of use, element must have gone.  Any ideas?

Not as silly as it may sound; Has the fuse blown? or one of the cables in the plug broken?

Just cut away 6 inches or so from the plug end of the cable and rewire it into the plug. Sometimes the cables can break near the plug end, through repeated plugging in and unplugging. This can also happen at the appliance end too. Especially where the cable goes into the appliance, your required repair may be as simple as only the fitting of a new flex.

Yep, check power is getting through to it, I guess it probably has a light or you hear the pump whirring or somthing that will tell you when it has power. If not probably fuse (some things have internal fuses as well), loose connection in the plug or cracked wire as Gareth said. If power is getting through and you are just getting cold coffee I guess it depends on what model machine you have, loads of kitchen stuff now isn't really designed to be fixable even if you can find the spares!

Get a french press its the only way to drink propper coffee  

There is power to it   .  But have been using the old faithful bodum and just as good and probably less wasteful.  Still miss my coffee maker though   .

Probably not much hope for it then, sad reflection on the world today but stuff like that is usually designed to last somewhere between a few days and few years beyond the warranty then be thrown out out rather than fixed when it goes wrong!
mrs tiggywinkle

:biglol: buy a jar of instant!!!!!!       (sorry!)

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